GeoPatch® Goes Live Sept 15th!

The GeoPatch® Go-Live date has officially been set! If you are reading this, you are likely here to register and become more familiar with the site. The website has plenty of capability to keep you involved in the game. The capabilities will become more obvious as people start playing when GeoPatch® goes live.

Where Will You Hide Your GeoPatches?

Be thinking about where you want to hide your GeoPatches and be ready to go when GeoPatch® goes live Sept 15th! As your products start arriving in the mail, you will want to be ready to hit the trails and have some fun! It may be easier to use an existing Geocache to hide your GeoPatches. You can go HERE if you want to explore how to create or find a Geocache. We will create our own database as GeoPatch® activity increases. Follow the instructions on the GeoPatch® user interface when you are hiding your GeoPatches so everybody can find them!

Follow The GeoPatch® GeoGnome!

Make sure you follow The GeoPatch® GeoGnome to get live updates on when and where he drops free special edition GeoPatches around the Country. The GeopPatch GeoGnome is one of the big attractions to the game! The patches he drops are serialized and able to be registered for points in the GeoPatch® game! You can also see his activity from your GeoPatch® user interface.

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