Mail Carrier GeoGnome


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Special delivery! The Mail Carrier GeoGnome is guaranteed to deliver himself straight into your GeoPatch collection!

There are some rare colorways randomly placed in the serial number sequence! Hopefully, this adds to the excitement as you wait on your GeoPatches to arrive!

Most of the Mail Carrier GeoGnomes will be the standard colorway. There are only a small percentage that will glow.


The colorways break down like this:

150pcs are standard color

50pcs utilize a white glow in the dark thread


Which one will you get? There is no way to know! Every GeoPatch is serialized direct from the factory and placed in the web store in that exact order. It truly is luck of the draw!

Each Mail Carrier GeoGnome carries with it 100 participation points when picked up or dropped off in a GeoPatch Location!


This patch is fully embroidered with laser cut edges and hook velcro backing. It stands at approximately 4″ tall.


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