Your GeoPatches Have Shipped!

You’ve made your selections and your GeoPatches have shipped! Now is a great time to be thinking where you want to hide them! It is a good idea to put your GeoPatches in a labeled water resistant box. You can purchase our water resistant box or, if you have your own box, you can simply get an inexpensive marking sticker on our website! If you load up on your supplies and find a good hiding place now, you will be ready to play when your GeoPatches arrive!


When you have your patches in hand, all you have to do is sign in to the GeoPatch website and log the serial number on your GeoPatch. You can add helpful information in the appropriate boxes so others may find it. By giving us the location of the hiding spot, you are creating a permanent GeoPatch location. We are already keeping track of this information in order for the interactive map to work flawlessly when it goes live in about 41 days!

Why Should I Hide My GeoPatches?


We have designed a point structure based solely off of participation. Every time you log a GeoPatch serial number for a drop or pick up, you accrue points. As you reach participation milestones, you will receive FREE GEOPATCHES every year! The participation points end and restart with a clean slate at midnight on the night of December 31st each year. There will be fresh designs used for this purpose every year! The person with the most participation points at the end of each year will get a special GeoPatch. Only one person each year will receive this patch!

Do You Have Any Questions?

Do you have any questions? If you have any questions for any reason, we encourage you to contact me directly. The primary email is and the SMPAS phone number is 1-888-509-3295. We have spent several years in the development of this game and we want to make sure you have the best experience possible!

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